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Budgetronics electronic components and parts
Electronic parts and more at the Budgetronics electronics shop!
For more then 12 years the online address for your electronic components.

Webshop for electronic components and electronic parts like leds, electronic kits, solar cells, transistors, diodes, capacitors, resistors, integrated circuits, micro motors, switches, breadboards, connectors, component kits and a lot, lot more.

Within The Netherlands from €75
To Belgium from €100

Budgetronics offers:

-Good service
-Offers many methods of payment
-Reliable shipment
-Great assortment of components
-No boring news letters
-No irritating emails asking for a review
-Easy and save ordering, no need to make an account
-Good prices value for money
-12 years online sales
-Good quality
- and a lot, lot more
Payment methods accepted: